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About Stutteri Bjerring


My name is Anett Bjerring Christensen, I was born on January 26, 1990.

Horses have always been a big part of my life, when I was first introduced to the fascinating world behind the breeding work in 2005 it became almost an addiction. The breed has changed from Friesians to DSP but the enthusiasm I exercise is unchanged I breed Dansk Sportspony because the biggest reward I can get is to see foals being born, grow up and develop, find a sweet family and maybe even show their tallents at events.


Stutteri Bjerring was created when in 2011 I brought a little red cat.2 pony without papirs for licensing in Dansk Sportspony.
It was a lovely day with a lot of nice, helpful and lovely people, even though my pony did not do very well,
But I was sold, which was why I accepted when I was offered to buy my 2 lovely mares
Kooihüster Sets and Sønderlunds Satana. A lot has happened since then, I have breed my first foals and I continue with the same love as when I started.
Among other things, I have taken DV's breeder training and i can highly recommend it.
Dressage build and the qualities you look for in a show jumper are taught there, not to mention reproduction.


My family and I have been breeding Frisians since 2005 but times have changed and DSP is an association where there is room for everyone and always help to be found.

Stutteri Bjerring is located at Lynegaard in Føvling.

The name Stutteri Bjerring is in memory of my deceased uncle who has made it all possible, Bjerring is my family's middle name.







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