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Bjerring's Princess


Race:         Danish sports pony

Gender:     Mare

Reg. No .:  SRSDH 815

Hight:         145 cm

Born:          2017

Breeder:     Anett Bjerring Christensen



More info:

Licensing results:

9  8.5  8.5  8.5    7.5  8    8  8.5  8.5    9

Large-framed, appealing, expressive and well-groomed mare. Good combination with suitably long well-shaped, well-set neck. Medium length, sloping shoulders. long, marked mane. good topline. suitably long loins. long, well-shaped, slightly sloping cross. suitably long thighs with good musculature. the forelegs suitably lead and dry, suitably code length. Well-shaped hooves. The movements are good and well balanced in gallop. use part: 830.5 awarded silver medal and this year's gait mare 2020

Princess is a super cool mare with a heart of gold and an exterior that matches she has moved north where she has really come to school, I look forward to seeing her in DSP Regi and maybe also some racetracks one day


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