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Kooihúster Sets


Breed:         Danish sports pony

Gender:       Mare

Reg. No .:    EBRSDH 383

Hight:          147.5 cm

Born:           2005

Breeder:      Schelte and Jante van der Burg



2009: Sønderlund's Chevanel

2010: Sønderlund's Satana

2013: Bjerring's Shilow

2015: Bjerring's Day-Dream

2017: Bjerring's Trouble

More info:


Licensing results:

9 8 8 8 7 7 8 8 8 8


She was born at a studfarm in the Netherlands, Kooihúster which was a well respected breeder , which is, also where, Setses mother Kooihúster setske was born. She is the mother of a really nice licensed stallion, Kooihüster Same and around the year 2010, Setse's mother was sold to France. 

she is WPBR 

  • Sets was awarded a bronze medal at licensing

  • Sets achieved elite status in December 2018

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