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Bjerring's Trouble


Race:      Danish sports pony

Gender:  Stallion

Hight:      144 cm

Born:       2017

Breeder:  Anett Bjerring Christensen



More info:

licensing results:


8 7.5 8 8 7.5 8 8 8 8.5 8

Appropriately noble and tall with good expression, agile, steady and with good shoulder freedom in movements with good uphill tendency

Named Bronze Medal.

30 day riding test  test:

Gait: 7.96

jumping properties: 7.70

total points: 783

With 3, 9s in temperament


temp./ character: 9

training grade: 9

behavior in the stable: 9

The stallion has a very good temperament and is very sociable in the stable. The stallion shows a good work ethic. The stallion works steadily in all 3 gaits with a very good trot and gallop, a little more spaciousness in steps could be desired. competition skills are extremely good in both dressage and jumping. The test passed


Bjerring's Trouble is a stallion with a top-class mind, this is really a pony for children, but without compromising on work ethic, willingness to learn and exterior. during his training he has been regularly ridden by a 10 year old girl and it is clear how careful he is with her. He is after the elite mare Kooihuster Sets who was named bronze medal, his sister Sønderlund's Satana is named with silver medal, his brother Sønderlund's Chevanel achieved A-pony status in dressage, his sister Bjerring's Shilow was flown for selection and selected for elite show but unfortunately never posed. his sister on the father side Bjerring's Princess was crowned with a silver medal and and was named this year's gaited mare 2020.


Mind like a real kids pony  

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